Growing up in Brazil, I was fortunate to be able to have easy access to açaí — not only is the superfruit frequently used for meals and snacks, but it’s a staple in the diets of thousands of Brazilians, like myself. With açaí being such a large influence in my life, I was able to learn and experience first-hand the benefits it has on your body’s overall health. Taking that knowledge, I educated my friends and family on the powers of the açaí berry, and how it could help them live better.

Inspired by the açaí culture of my home country, I wanted to create a product that would allow the world to be able to consume this superfruit in a delicious, nutritious, and convenient way. Our ready-to-eat açaí brings high-quality açaí blends to you — without sacrificing any of the nutritional value.

Carolina McMahon, Founder



Armazém Açaí’s vision is to provide the world with organic açaí blends that taste as good as they make you feel. We want our favorite superfruit to be easily accessible for people that live active lifestyles, just like it was for us. Not only are we focused on delivering healthy, quick meal options to the public, but we’re also passionate about creating a high-quality product from start to finish.

Our manufacturers in Brazil understand the importance of creating an incredible product for our customers, and have helped us ensure that our açaí blends meet specific health, safety, and social responsibility requirements, including:

  • Organic certificates in Brazil, the USA, Canada, Europe, and Japan
  • NON-GMO verified that guarantees the non-use of genetically modified substances on our products
  • Certified HALAL and Kosher
  • Fair Trade Certified

Armazém is committed to continuously improving our products so we can exceed expectations within the açaí market. We strive for complete customer satisfaction in everything we do — your health is what matters to us most.

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